A permanent Beer Festival every day on your doorstep!
6 Ales - 3 Ciders - darts - pool table - pub games
Real Ale , Real Atmosphere , A Real Pub!
Open 3pm to 11pm Mon - Fri & 12pm to 11pm Sat & Sun
Hawkhurst is renowned for its connections with the infamous Hawkhurst Gang. Its history is steeped with tales of smugglers, highway men and contraband being passed between notorious gang leaders such as Arthur Gray and Thomas Kingsmill. With such a rich history, albeit slightly shady, Hawkhurst is the perfect location for a real Real Ale House. You will be pleased to know however, that the Hawkhurst Gang no longer frequent our tavern and you will always receive a warm and friendly welcome.
Taking the pub back to its traditional roots, The Smugglers Ale House has been sympathetically decorated with an eclectic array of tavern tables and chairs, oxblood pews and pewter jugs. The walls are adorned with 18th Century portraits, smugglers ditties and pieces of nostalgia transporting you back to a bygone era creating the perfect place to enjoy a tipple and a chat, or maybe a game of darts, snooker or even cribbage.
The Smugglers Ale House - Hawkhurst
If you fancy a bite to eat, keeping with tradition of an age gone by, try the 7 Guinea Bounty of Hand Carved Ham, Hearty Cheddar, Baker’s Bread and Pickles or warm homemade scotch eggs and sausage rolls all served during opening hours.

If you wake at midnight and hear a horse's feet, 
Don't go drawing back the blind or looking in the street. 
Them that asks no questions isn't told a lie, 
Watch the wall, my Darling, while the gentlemen go by.

Five and twenty ponies trotting through the dark.
Brandy for the parson, Baccy for the clerk, Laces for a lady, letters for a spy,
And watch the wall, my darling, while the gentlemen go by.
The Smugglers Ale House - Hawkhurst
The Smugglers Ale House - Hawkhurst
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